July 18, 2011
Breaking News: Silph Co. Delivery Truck Stolen!

Earlier Today, the Kanto police were dispatched after receiving a report of a stolen truck owned by Silph Co. Police were told that the truck was stolen by a man with a Machamp, who Mega Punched the drivers, and then stole the truck.

After two hours of searching for the man and the stolen vehicle, the police found the truck almost completely submerged in a fishing area around Route 12. No remains of the man, or his Machamp were found. The police were bewildered; what could have happened to the man?! Then a random bystander took a guess and proclaimed that the criminal escaped. The police now recognize this statement as true.

When the police retrieved the truck from the water, all they found in the cargo area was a chewed up apple:

Just a few minutes ago, Silph Co. released a statement, detailing all the items that were stolen from the delivery truck:

The CEO of Silph Co, Kind Old Man, asks that the company and the police be contacted if any hints or suspicious Upgrades/Silph Scopes are found. You heard this story first on Pokemon News and Economics!

July 9, 2011
This Week In Economics: Silph Co. Stock Plummets

This week in Pokemon Economics saw the shocking fall of the Silph Co. stock by 190 points! Silph Company, leading manufacturer of Pokemon Battle Items and owner of all Poke Marts, literally owns the commercial economy in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Meanwhile in Unova, another company is rising…

So why did the stock fall so much points? Our team at Pokemon News and Economics have the answer! Remember, all of us are highly trained in the business, nay- the art of Pokemon Economical studies. To put it simply: The stock values fell because the economy isn’t that good right now. You heard it from Pokemon News and Economics first!

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July 6, 2011
Strange Person Spotted in Hoenn

Today’s featured article spotlights a recently enigmatic figure sighted a few days ago in a Hoenn Pokemart. Our investigation team here at Pokemon News and Economics, have spent hours the last few days trying to figure out this mysterious character!

First off, here is a screenshot of the shady man, taken from an elevator security camera.

What do we notice first? His hair. Even in this strange world that we live in, I have never seen any human with stranger hair than that. It seems to be purple and gold. That’s not natural.

Secondly, we see he is a teenager, maybe around 15 years old.

Thirdly, we can see he is wearing some sort of special necklace. It looks like an upside down gold pyramid. We didn’t get very far getting information about this necklace, but if anybody knows about it, please contact us. For all we know, it could be dangerous. It could be some sort of witchcraft, or magical item from ancient Egypt. We don’t want anyone to get hurt; for all we know it could let one transform into a strange alter ego who mind crushes people.

But the real discovery came with this. We found it on the Pokemart roof:

This is his trainer ID. His name is strange: Yugi. That’s a name that can come only from the mind of a Japanese manga author.

He has 3000 dollars. This means, he has never been in a Pokemon battle. Thats strange…

His play time, 2 hours and 35 minutes. It seems, he hast been focused on become a Pokemon Master because he has a low playing time and the default amount of money.

Plus, remember that we found his ID card on the roof of a tall Pokemart.

That leaves two logical conclusions:

1. He is a Japanese manga character who jumped dimensions, looking to start anew in another world; who took an elevator up to the roof of a tall Pokemart to play an epic trading card game with some new found rival.

2. He is a just regular kid who went up to the roof to buy a Lemonade from the vending machine.

The second conclusion seems more logical. Case solved! Thanks to our great research team for cracking another Poke mystery!

credit to Aquatics64 for the sprite rip.

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July 4, 2011
July 4th: Come Join us at Silph Co. for Fireworks!

Today is July 4th, that very special day when the Kanto region adopted its current form of government. Let us take a quote from Kanto’s “A New Nation” Bill, ratified this day, [insert year].

"In my heart there’s no doubt of who I want to be
Right here standing strong
I will risk all I can
The greatest Master of Pokemon

We all live in a Pokemon World
I wanna be the greatest Master of them all
We all live in a Pokemon World
Put myself to the test
To be better than all the rest”

Furthermore, the Pokemon News and Economics Team have been invited to the special fireworks ceremony at Silph Co, Saffron City. There will be food, drinks, Pokemon battles, and a special performance by a team of flying Charizard. Come join us there tonight! Admission is free and fireworks start at 9 p.m.

July 3, 2011
In Other News: Base Jumper Causes Scene

    Yesterday afternoon a Base Jumper caused much unrest in Saffron City. The man climbed to the top of Silph Co, Kanto’s tallest building, standing at 108 pixels high. He summoned his Snorlax, and said he was going to jump down and fall on to the bouncy Snorlax to break his fall:

Local witnesses were astounded at this extreme act of sporting. A local swimmer even climbed up the back of the Silph Co. skyscraper to try to stop the man from jumping. In the end, the man did jump and landed safely, making his base jump, the highest recorded base jump in Kanto. Police were immediately on the scene, but the man quickly summoned his Pidgeotto and used Fly.

The chief of Police said this:

"Kids these days are always doing stupid things to try to break some record, or get attention. If you want attention, then why don’t you just challenge the Pokemon League?!

It is rumored next, that the man plans to jump off the Olivine City Lighthouse. We, Pokemon News and Economics, will be the first to post any further breaking news.

Credit to Silentninja for the sprite rips.

July 1, 2011
Missing Bike

Reader Dan sent in an urgent letter:

"Help my bike has gone missing! It cost me 1,000,000 Poke Dollars from a man in Cerulean City! "

Dan, I don’t think you are going to get your bike back. You shouldn’t have told everybody how much it cost…

June 29, 2011
Our Office Location

We recently received a question in the mail:

"Hello this is Rich Boy Clayton from Johto. I recently started reading your publication ‘Pokemon News and Economics’. I must say, it was quite impressing! You views and research of the economy are simply intelligent on all levels! I too study economics at the Goldrenrod City elementary school. I have high anticipations for the economy within the next few years, especially due to the increase in Pokemon-Storage and Transfer technologies. By the way, where is your office located?"

I’m filthy rich,

Rich Boy Clayton”

Why thank you for the nice letter Clayton! Our offices are located here:

We are located on the 74th floor of Unity Tower, just under the Pokemon Snacks Data Research Offices and just beside the Drowsee Sleep Disorder Specialist Centers. Thank you for your interest in us!

credit to serebii.net for the screenshot

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June 29, 2011
Pay Day: Pokemon of the “High-Ranked”

Today, we are featuring, what we economists like to call the Pay Day Pokemon. They are Meowth and Persian.

Meowth is the money maker Pokemon. When he uses Pay Day, the stocks literally plummet 10 points!..That was a joke…For all you economists….Yeah. Young people moving up the ladders of finance and wealth usually adopt a Meowth, mainly because of that coin on his forehead.

And when Meowth evolves into Persian, the coin falls off of his head and becomes an Amulet Coin. Amulet Coins are a hold item that double the money the winning trainer receives in battle. There have been economical controversy over them of course.

Fun Fact: Giovanni, the shady high-ranked unknown, has a persian.

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June 28, 2011
In Other News: Cold Case Solved, Missing Man Found!

     While digging around the office I found some cold case files. I found old cases of missing Pokemon, stolen Gym badges, and ancient conspiracy theories. But another one caught my eye. Why? Because I remember this missing man from my older journeys:

Cold Case #78

Subject: Old Guy disappears and no one cares.

Date Opened: 4-3-2001

Date Dropped: 4-5-2001

Subject for closure: “We had other priorities.”

The document is simple and short, it just states this”

"Old Man Timber has gone missing on April, 2 2001. So has his Machop. Rumor has it, they were trying to lay the foundation for a building, but after years of work, and years of Machop pointlessly pounding the ground, Old Man timber didn’t have any money. Shoulda got a job in the meantime…"

So why did he go missing? Did he give up? Did he find somewhere else to build? Did his Machop kill him? I don’t think so.

His figure immediately brought back a memory. I ran home and searched for my old scrapbook, detailing all of my journeys. I came across the Mirage Island picture (an island that took me years to find) and found something so startling, my defense fell sharply!

Could this be Old Man Timber? I don’t even remember seeing him on Mirage Island, I was so focused on trying to correct my bad grammar. But if you compare the two pictures, the men look alike. I think Old Man Timber moved to Mirage Island in order to live in harmony with the Wynaut until he died. Its a logical guess. Anyway, after another busy day in the world of Pokemon News and Economics, CASE CLOSED.

Thanks to Silentninja for the old man sprite.

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June 27, 2011
Featured Article: The Rise and Fall of Nugget Prices

Today we have our first featured article. After hours of research, and surveying random, seemingly nonexistent parts of Kanto, we have compiled an extremely comprehensive, detailed graph displaying Nugget values over the past months, give or take a few weeks.

First off, here is a map showing the hotspots of recently discovered Nuggets. Mt. Moon is the hottest spot right now, with 5 oz. being found within the last 2 months!

I like Vermillion City.

Next, we have a comprehensive graph showing the rise and fall in Nugget prices.

The abundance of recently found Nuggets has the price falling down to its now curent value, 4200 Poke Dollars.

We ecountered some trainers who use their ground type Pokemon to search for Nuggets. Ty from Pewter City said this:

Ty: Hey, I got my Dugtrio digging around for Nuggets right here on Mt. Moon. I have found 1 oz. so far. Dugtrio use Dig!

Dugtrio: Trio Trio!

Article written by Red.

Credit to spriters-resource.com, Cheese, and Serebii.net for the screen captures.

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