June 27, 2011
Featured Article: The Rise and Fall of Nugget Prices

Today we have our first featured article. After hours of research, and surveying random, seemingly nonexistent parts of Kanto, we have compiled an extremely comprehensive, detailed graph displaying Nugget values over the past months, give or take a few weeks.

First off, here is a map showing the hotspots of recently discovered Nuggets. Mt. Moon is the hottest spot right now, with 5 oz. being found within the last 2 months!

I like Vermillion City.

Next, we have a comprehensive graph showing the rise and fall in Nugget prices.

The abundance of recently found Nuggets has the price falling down to its now curent value, 4200 Poke Dollars.

We ecountered some trainers who use their ground type Pokemon to search for Nuggets. Ty from Pewter City said this:

Ty: Hey, I got my Dugtrio digging around for Nuggets right here on Mt. Moon. I have found 1 oz. so far. Dugtrio use Dig!

Dugtrio: Trio Trio!

Article written by Red.

Credit to spriters-resource.com, Cheese, and Serebii.net for the screen captures.

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